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How do I get 100Plus devices for my patients?
How do I get 100Plus devices for my patients?
Written by Ben Johnston
Updated over a week ago

If you have identified a Medicare patient with at least one chronic condition and obtained their consent to participate in our remote patient monitoring program, you can enroll the patient via the 100Plus portal. It’s a simple 3-step process:

1. Enter their basic info (name, address, etc).

2. Have the patient sign the 100Plus User Agreement. (Easiest way is in-person at your office. Alternatively, we can have them sign via email, or regular mail.)

3. The 100Plus device(s) will be shipped to the patient; the device will be ready to use with cellular connectivity enabled. The device will be associated with the medical provider who recommended it. Your patient can simply open the package and start to use it.

It’s required that you obtain consent from your patients to provide remote patient monitoring services and important that you discuss your recommendation and the program with your patient so they understand its benefits and the importance of their continued usage of the device once they receive it.

These steps are simple — we will show you how to do it during the remote training session. We also offer end to end enrollment services where we do most of the onboarding for you.

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