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Who is Esper?

Esper is the face of your remote patient monitoring program, providing your patients a single point of entry for any questions they have. Esper answers as much as she can, and then triages to our support team and then your practice as appropriate.

Can I see Esper in action?

Why does Esper use text messaging (aka SMS)?

  • Channel with highest reach: 92% of seniors have a phone with SMS

  • Channel with highest open rate: SMS has a 98% open rate

How can I get the most out of Esper?

  • Get patients’ cell phone numbers: Esper requires the patient’s cell phone number for texting.

  • Educate patients: When speaking with patients about their remote patient monitoring, let them know that an automated system called Esper will help them with:

    • Shipping notifications

    • Device setup and support

    • Daily device readings

    • ...any other questions they have (which Esper can either answer or triage)

What can Esper help me with?

  1. Patient agreement notifications: SMS messages sent by 100Plus include a link to our patient education page, getting the patient excited about their complementary devices, and answering common questions. This page will then take them to the 1-page patient agreement, which they can then sign with 1-click on their phone. We have also seen this accelerate and maximize the patient acceptance of your new RPM program.

  2. Shipment notifications: SMS alerts regarding device shipment status are standard in the industry to ensure recipients are home for delivery, and to show patients how to set up and use their devices. We have also seen this reduce the number of calls that practices need to make to help patients set up and troubleshoot their devices.

  3. Adherence notifications: SMS alerts are intelligently triggered when patients fall out of adherence after not taking a reading with their device for a number of days. Patients receiving these reminders take >30% more readings, increasing the richness of the biometric time series generated, thereby enabling your team to better calibrate the patient’s care plan in between visits. We have also seen this reduce the number of calls that practices need to make to encourage adherence.

  4. Miscellaneous questions: Esper can answer questions/texts on the following topics, and more!

    1. Program info

      1. What is this program?

      2. Why do I need to sign?

      3. How do I sign?

      4. How much does this cost?

      5. Is my data secure?

    2. Support

      1. I need support >> we automatically schedule a call with our support team

      2. My device isn't working / its not working >> we send them troubleshooting tips, and automatically schedule a call with our support team if they still need help

      3. How can I contact my doctor?

    3. Greetings

      1. Who are you?

      2. Hello

      3. Thank you

      4. You're welcome

      5. Expletives

    4. Text message participation

      1. Unsubscribe / stop / opt out

      2. Subscribe / opt in

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